Whether Trial Performance
Part of the attraction to Yalgoo sheep for Ashby was their long held stranglehold on wether trials. Yalgoo's reputation was forged on wether trial success. For 30 years they have dominated many of the sites that they have entered. Starting from the very first sites at Walcha to Longreach and Broken Hill.

Ashby Holdings has been trying to implement wether trials in Tasmania since 2009. If any commercial, independent trials become available then Ashby and Yalgoo will be involved. Yalgoo is also currently involved in the National wether trial in the central west of NSW.

Below is a summary of Yalgoo and their clients performance in historical wether trials. The first is Holmes and Sackett's definitive work of 2007 and the second is the DPI's latest work.
Consolidated Wether Trial Data
Analysis of Merino Bloodlines with more than 260 progeny recorded in wether trials from 145 bloodlines.
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