Central Sires Evaluations
Sire Evaluations are another important, independent form of benchmarking genetics against each another. Yalgoo has been involved in Central Sire Evaluations since their inception. Yalgoo currently have ram's entered into the New England, Bluechip (Temora), Balmoral (VIC) and Tasmanian sire evaluations. For regular updates on how they are performing please refer to the News webpage.

In the past few years Yalgoo Ram's have topped the majority of indexes in the Bluechip and Tasmanian evaluations. 

Below are two graphs demonstrating Yalgoo's historical performance in sire evaluations.

Historical Summary of Yalgoo's Central Sire Performance
 Historical Data from Previous indexes
Due to the fact that the FP and MP indexes are new, I have included the performance on the previous 14%+SS & 10%+SS indexes with and without WEC data.
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