Sire Evaluations

Central Sire Evaluations

Yalgoo has long been a supporter of sire evaluations. They currently have ram's entered into sites at Bluechip (Temora), Balmoral (Vic), New England and Tasmania. Ashby merino's intend to benchmark their best ram's in the Tasmanian Sire Evaluation. Below is a summary of Yalgoo's performance in sire evaluations.
Taken from Merino Superior Sires 18: This graph depicts the studs with the most Rams in the Top 50 (for new FP AND MP indexes)from all Central Sire Evaluation Data.

Historical Data from Previous indexes

Due to the fact that the FP and MP indexes are new, I have included the performance on the previous 14%+SS & 10%+SS indexes with and without WEC data.
Data taken from Merino Superior Sires 17
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